August 18-21, 2016
Inner Engineering Retreat

Inner Engineering Retreat with Shambhavi Kriya

Isha Institute of Inner-sciences
Jul 26 - 29, 2018
Aug 23 - 26, 2018
Sep 13 - 16, 2018

Program Features:

The Inner Engineering retreat is held in the serene and
supportive atmosphere of the Isha Institute of Inner-
sciences located on the spectacular Cumberland Plateau
in McMinnville, Tennessee.

Aimed at deep personal and professional expansion, this retreat is an opportunity to take yourself away from the daily routine of your hectic lifestyle and soak in the energy of this powerful space dedicated for self-transformation. The potent consecrated spaces create a conducive and ideal setting to allow one to experience Inner Engineering. 


This 4-day weekend program offers the rare opportunity to experience life
transforming wisdom through an Isha teacher who has been trained by Sadhguru. The program includes interactive discussions, guided meditations, simple asanas, treks, live music, moonlight dinners, and the transmission of the Shambhavi Kriya – a life-transforming inner energy process. 

Retreat Package Includes:

• Semi-private lodging (private studio or deluxe suite upgrades available)
• Wholesome Vegetarian Meals
• Healthy cooking classes (optional)
• Guided hikes to scenic waterfalls and bluff overlooks
• CME credits available to those working in medical profession

 Program Details

Jul 26 - 29, 2018
Aug 23 - 26, 2018
Sep 13 - 16, 2018

Isha Institute of Inner-sciences
951 Isha Lane, McMinnville TN 37110
(931) 668-1900

Program Cost:
(Early Bird Special - 4 weeks before $550, 2 weeks before $600)
• Couples and Family discounts of 2-4 people ($525 per person)
• Group Discounts (for groups of 5 or more) ($500 per person)
Discounts also available for students and seniors.

Thursday 4pm – Sunday 6pm
Participants are requested to arrive on Thursday no later than 4pm. The program ends by 6pm on Sunday. Participants can plan their departure after the program completes at 6pm. Allow travel time of 3 hours to Atlanta airport, 2 hours to Nashville airport, 1 hour to Chattanooga airport (plus one hour time change as Chattanooga is on Eastern Time Zone) You will then need to plan additional time to check-in at the airport.

About Shambhavi Kriya

Inner Engineering Total is a 4-day an in person program
which combines the intellectual tools from the
Inner Engineering Online Course and the Shambhavi
Mahamudra Kriya from the Inner Engineering Completion
course. This course is offered in various locations
across US and Canada and as well as a retreat at
the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences.

Inner Engineering is a course that provides tools and solutions to empower
yourself to create your life the way you want it. The course gives you the opportunity
to intellectually explore the basics of life using methods that are
distilled essence of yogic sciences. The course imparts practical wisdom to
manage your body, mind, emotions, and the fundamental life energy within.
You will also learn a 21-minute kriya called Shambhavi MahaMudra Kriya
which is a powerful and purifying energy technique using the breath.”

Shambhavi Kriya is a powerful and purifying energy technique which incorporates the breath. This practice aligns your entire system so that your body, mind and emotions function in harmony, establishing a chemistry of blissfulness within you.


When practiced regularly, this 21‑minute kriya can bring the following benefits into one’s life:

Greater peace and joy in everyday life

Improved sleep quality and increased energy levels

Helps purify the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, space) in the body leading to pleasantness in the body, mind and emotions

Relief from chronic ailments

Access to the intelligence and competence within, which is the very source of creation

Done in a simple seated asana, or posture, Shambhavi Kriya gives you access to your deepest life energies and makes them vibrantly alive. It does not require any physical fitness and is easy to integrate into any lifestyle.

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Inner Engineering Retreat program led by an Isha teacher trained by Sadhguru

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