Humans have been living on Earth for several million years. In that time, humanity has changed the Earth to suit its personal needs. Other life-forms inhabiting the planet have suffered from our impact. Natural resources have diminished and/or become polluted.

If all humans were to suddenly cease to exist, would our planet and all other life suffer from our absence? Predictions of events that would result from sudden human extinction include nuclear-reactor explosions due to lack of cooling water; flooding of city subway systems due to no pumping; and the falling to Earth of thousands of existing satellites. Other similar events might happen, but in a few years these types of scenarios would cease. Also, it is believed that in 500 years modern cities would be completely overgrown by vegetation and animals would adapt and thrive. Can we really believe these guesses?

See what Sadhguru says about what would happen to our planet if, suddenly, every human in the world was dead. Would it be the end of the world? Would the planet be doomed?

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