You never know what life will toss your way. We may want a safe and familiar environment, but there are no guarantees that life events will go smoothly. One day or moment, things are working out to your advantage, but perhaps the next day or moment the unexpected happens, which changes all of that.

Most people would like to be in control of their life and see their dreams fulfilled. However, outside events, no matter how hard you may try, can never be one hundred percent within your control. Maybe you booked a flight to attend an important event, but the plane is delayed and you miss it. Maybe you need to arrive at work at exactly 8 a.m. for a critical meeting, and as you leave your house, you see that your car has a flat tire. Maybe you thought your relationship was growing, only to find out that the other person wants to end it. Or, even worse, you anticipate meeting your friend for lunch, but you get word that she was in a fatal accident. Coping with the unexpected, especially life- alternating events, can be difficult.

Listen to Sadhguru’s story for inspiration on coping with events that shatter our lives.

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