Have you ever been confused by your very own thoughts? You are at a conference. The speaker is quite articulate as he describes the steps to follow when performing the upcoming group activities. But when teams are set up, not everyone in your group agrees as to the recently stated directions. Martha understood it one way, Steve another way, and you a third way. Who is right?

Amazingly, our minds can make us believe anything. Sometimes it works as a defense mechanism, to shield us from hurtful thoughts and feelings that seem just too intense at that moment. Or it can be as simple a trick as walking in the dark, seeing a curved stick ahead on the path, and thinking for a second or two that it is a snake. Anxiety! Adrenaline rush! And then you finally see the reality of the situation.

Even our health can be affected by our minds. Psychosomatic illnesses are thought to be caused or made worse by our own thinking. How can we know when the mind is the cause and when it is an authentic disorder?

Sadhguru explains how our minds can create a poisonous soup within, impeding wellbeing.

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