Choices were made and you felt that, at one point, you were moving forward with your goals. Then bang! —things started to roll downhill. You feel that your relationship is crushing you as well as the demands of your job. Even your friends’ or your family’s problems are getting to be more than you can handle. What happened? Here you are today, confused and overwhelmed. You have lost your balance.

What to do? Spending time arguing with yourself and demeaning your choices is not helping. Dwelling on your failures is not proving to be in any way productive. Blaming others may relieve your misery for a few minutes but it is not a good, realistic, or fruitful fix.

Sadhguru explains that the only reason people lose their balance is because they fail to see that the seat of their experience is within. Once you see that “the quality of my life is entirely my making and nobody else’s”, balance will happen. Once balance happens, it is possible to create many things upon that stable foundation.

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