Have you ever wanted to make a purchase, something that you really, really wanted, but your budget just wouldn’t accommodate you? Did you pull out your credit card and make it happen anyway? At different times in our lives, we can feel torn between making a heartfelt decision and making a logical, thought-out choice. It seems so comforting and sweet to follow your heart, but at what consequences? Maybe you purchased your dream home and then had to work an extra job to maintain it — something you didn’t really expect to be doing when you signed the mortgage papers.

So, is it better to listen to logic? But you want to be able to say yes to every situation in order not to miss out on all types of new adventures and experiences. Wait! Is that the safer mode? A surefire way to prevent trouble? Your logic kicks in and reminds you that you would just overextend yourself and not be able to follow through on all those yes choices. So where is the balance in this head-or-heart debate?

Sadhguru shares his wisdom on how to make decisions when our heart seems to say one thing and the head seems to say something else.

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  1. Lorrie C Reply
    Sadhguru, always spot on. Real, so wonderfully real. Love the example of the way he describes the heart sound, just two sounds, yes! Again, simple, exact, real. I was introduced, via my Meet Up group, Thought Exchange and Visual Learning, and am hooked forever to Sadhguru. Thank you for this. For ALL.

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