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  1. vithu Reply
    Hi, I want to know how I can manage generalized anxiety.I see that you have online courses but at this point I am not able to afford for them.However, I am very much interested in learning some techniques to cope with this problem.Do you offer any talks/free courses or other options for people who want help in this matter but are having financial difficulties?.I live in Canada. Thank you. Vithu
    • Inner Engineering Reply
      As a volunteer run organization we want to empower every human being to experience this opportunity. To make this possible for everyone we offer various discounts and hardship scholarships. Please email
  2. Suma Shewale Reply
    It's true that we live in the world's most anxious nation, and I wonder what is stopping the anxious population of the country to gather in Chicago on May 2, 2015? Anxiety? If so, they need not make their travel plans until they test and taste Inner Engineering right from where they are, because as a result of Inner Engineering, I got rid of my anxiety. Freedom form anti-anxiety prescription medication was an unplanned achievement!
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  4. Joe Reply
    Can inner engineering online cure anxiety ?
  5. Sandra Reply
    I want to learn how to meditate and yoga as soon as possible, I have alot of anxiety that happens often and I'm emotional alot and always thinking the negative, need help please

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