Teenagers strive to be unique, and yet they very much want to fit in with their selected peer group. They often seem self-contradictory. They can act as if they are immortal, taking risk after risk at one moment, and, at another moment, they can feel quite insecure. Many teenagers thrive on challenging authority. If you remember your teenage years, you will certainly recall any number of scenarios with these characteristics.

Parents often ask, “How do I handle my teenage child?”  They relate how their teenage children don’t listen to their advice, and how many an hour is spent in argument. They no longer exhibit parental respect. Their goals and beliefs have spread into unfathomable areas. Many parents feel helpless and frustrated.

An anguished parent asks, “How should one deal with teenagers?” Sadhguru stresses how a child grows from a helpless being into a person who is trying to stand on their own feet. This later stage can shake up parental pre-set notions. Click below to listen to Sadhguru’s complete answer.

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