Today, women are becoming more involved in jobs previously viewed as being for men only. Many of these women have reported that they had to combat discrimination: being ignored, not valued, and not treated fairly. Globally, men have held more leadership jobs than women. Women have been relegated to being the managers of their homes and, sometimes, of their families.

Social reforms are continuing to change the roles a woman may play in society. Motherhood is no longer the only available option. Women can now seek any number of career paths, and many chose to not even marry.

But, because the business world was in very large part established by men, many of the concepts of what constitutes a good boss or manager were developed from within a male perspective. Women became a part of the work world only relatively recently and are now trying to infuse a more balanced female-male approach. Friction is often the result. So, what is the solution?

Sadhguru relates how we need more humanity rather than an emphasis on the masculine and feminine.

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