It is most typically at the year’s ending that many charities see a boost in their received donations. The holidays prompt those who were otherwise busy with their personal affairs to look up from their own life concerns and extend well-wishes and assistance to others.

We may also be reminded by different national and personal holidays during the year to give in some way to others. These moments can spark our inner compassion. As giver or as receiver, a link is temporarily formed. Whether it is a material gift or an act of kindness, our humanity shines through. The looks of surprise and the smiles on the faces of those involved are priceless.

Not all such exchanges, though, are perfect. Sometimes our acts come more from a sense of obligation rather than being heartfelt gestures. And somehow, linked to it all, is our expectation of receiving some sort of recognition or thanks for our efforts.

Sadhguru broadens our understanding of what it means to give, receive, and be a volunteer.

Sadhguru: Giving and receiving is the basis of all transactions. No interaction can take place without these two. Nowadays, we are constantly trying to elevate one to a place of sanctity and the other to subordination. One is considered superior and the other inferior. Today, we feel we must emphasize the importance of giving only because taking happens in large volumes and giving has become scarce.

In reality, however, there is no giving or taking. With a little deeper perception of life, one can see that there is no such thing as giving and taking. It is just life rearranging itself constantly. Modern science agrees with this today. There is no giving and taking, no adding or subtracting, just a rearrangement of the same energy. If you see everything as yours, you just rearrange as necessary.

When you realize that the essential process of life is a constant transaction, you will realize that for an iota of offering that you make, there are a trillion things to receive all the time. Think of the forces of existence and the zillions of creatures working, knowingly or unknowingly, within your body and outside of it, to make life possible. Everything in the existence is somehow collaborating to keep you alive and well. Only a fool thinks of himself as a giver. Just to be alive is to receive in great abundance.

On Volunteering:

Whenever there are people in any given place who hold others’ wellbeing above their own, suddenly that situation becomes very powerful and beautiful at the same time. If only the world was full of people like this, it would be a grand place to live. Whatever is needed, if someone needs their nose wiped, they are willing to do it, but not as a great service to them – that is important. Without making a great act of sacrifice and service, simply a nose needs to be wiped, so they wipe it. If you do too much service to the nose, the nose will fall off. There are people doing that sort of thing everywhere. If it needs to be wiped, it is wiped, that is all; no big nonsense about it. If only the world was full of such people, definitely the world would be a worthwhile place in every way.

A volunteer is not doing something because he is trapped. He is simply willing. He does not think, “What is my desire?” He just sees what is needed. In that state, you are released.

You must become an absolute volunteer in your life. Whatever you may be doing, whatever you may not be doing, your existence should be voluntary, not involuntary and compulsive. We need to generate such people all over the world.

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