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When anyone is in any type of relationship, there are bound to be ups and downs. It is not easy to be consistent, always on time, to always do what you say you will do, and to be sensitive to the other person one hundred percent of the time. It is especially difficult when you are juggling more than one relationship, as most of us are.

Sometimes it feels as if you are completely in control of your life, but when it comes to relationships, there’s always the other person. In a relationship, you won’t be able to call all the shots. People have their own emotions, behaviors, actions, wounds, fears, dreams, and viewpoints. They are their own person, as are you.

Sadhguru looks at how human relationships are not absolute, are always variable, and in need of lots of attention. He explains that the need for a relationship arises because, though every individual is a complete life, people are under the illusion that they are half of a life that cannot be without another.

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