Luggage in one hand while her other hand flagged down a taxi, she asked the driver to rush to the airport. Her flight was soon to depart. Finally maneuvering through the crowded airport and finding her gate, she felt some sense of relief, until she looked up at the flight’s announcement board. The flight was delayed. This would cause her to miss her connecting flight, and what about that important business meeting?!

So many similar events seep into our daily lives. Rarely do things move along exactly as we had hoped or planned. This or that will easily derail the very best of plans. Everyone has experienced these events, whether small or devastating. How can we maintain a sense of inner joy and peace when life throws us such ‘curve balls’?

Sadhguru is interviewed by Rosanna Scotto and Lori Stokes on the Fox5 TV Show, Good Day New York. He talks about achieving inner joy.

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