Meditation for Sleep Disorders

So what are sleep disorders and how does it affect you?  The overall impact is that you wish you can get better sleep.  Between traffic, a busy workplace, television, and our cell phones, there really seems to be no place to relax in our daily lives.  So, we go home, hoping to get a good night’s rest to temper all this activity.  But are you getting a good night’s rest?  For many, the answer is unfortunately “no”.  You’re revved up with all this activity during the day and this feeling continues as you try to fall asleep.  This leads to people having all sorts of sleep disorders such as insomnia.  There’s been so much talk about getting better sleep.  But when you were little, did such an issue even arise?  Something so basic now has become a huge cause of suffering for millions of people.  So, how do we get better sleep and reduce the prevalence of sleep disorders?

Mediation for Sleep Disorders - Woman Sleeping

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), 50 to 70 million people are affected by sleep disorders in the United States.  Sleep disorders are linked to other chronic ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, and depression.  Furthermore, having poor sleep quality reduces your productivity, concentration, mental clarity, and overall energy level.  It’s also linked to motor vehicle crashes.  That’s why you hear so many people talking about getting better sleep.  They say that the average adult over the age of 18 should be getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night.  However, most people aren’t getting this amount of sleep and they feel poorly rested.  The next day, people have long days while not being able to function at their optimal level.  Many people need caffeine or another stimulant in order to function properly.  While it may get the job done for a while, it can have serious consequences down the road.

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Inner Engineering – Meditation for Sleep Disorders

Sleep provides your body the necessary conditions for regeneration.  Now when you’re saying you want better sleep, you’re basically saying that you want to provide your body and mind more optimal conditions for rest and regeneration.  For better sleep, it’s important for everyone to engage in some form of meditation for sleep.  Meditation for sleep, how can this help?  Let’s look at some data for some insight.

We have taken some surveys of people who have taken the Inner Engineering programs.  Inner Engineering and subsequent practices have shown tremendous benefits to long-term practitioners.  Out of 49 respondents, 84% indicated improvement from Insomnia and other sleep disorders from the Inner Engineering program (Fig. 1).  How significant was the improvement?

Meditation for Sleep Disorders - Improvement Data

Figure 1: Out of 49 respondents, 84% indicated improvement with sleep disorders after taking the Inner Engineering program and subsequent practices (min 1 year).

Meditation for Sleep Disorders - Medication Data

Figure 2: Out of those reporting improvement, 30% were able to stop their medications while another 40% were able to reduce their medications after the Inner Engineering program (min 1 year).

Of those reporting improvement, 30% were able to stop taking their medications and another 40% reduced their medication (Fig. 2).  To put this into perspective, over 58% of those participating in the survey showed significant physiological improvement one year after taking Inner Engineering.  For over 25% of respondents, sleep disorders such as insomnia were no longer a pathological issue.  This data shows that Inner Engineering and subsequent practices can have a strong impact on alleviating sleep disorders which results in better sleep.

The Inner Engineering program has given many better sleep and an overall reduction in sleep disorders.  We have seen how it’s impacted those with insomnia.   After taking Inner Engineering, participants demonstrated improved REM sleep and dramatically reduced their sleep onset latency (time it takes to fall asleep).  So say goodbye to insomnia and other sleep disorders and say hello to better sleep!

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Testimonials – Meditation for Sleep Disorders

“Since incorporating Inner Engineering practices into my life, I have experienced many health benefits. I sleep soundly now after years of interrupted sleep. I find I need less sleep but am more energetic throughout the day. I had some problems with gastrointestinal discomfort, which has completely disappeared. I had a reasonably weak immune system-I would catch every cold/flu my daughter brought home, plus exposed to illness working in health care. In the past several years since practices, I rarely get sick. I’m in the best shape of my life.”


– Leslie Crespi