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In the United States, People seeking treatment for anger, anxiety, depression, suicide, PTSD and mental health is on the rise and so is the search for happiness. As TIME reported in a recent cover story, clinical depression affects about 16 million people in the U.S. and is estimated to cost the U.S. about $210 billion a year in productivity loss and health care needs. Global revenue for antidepressants is projected to grow to nearly $17 billion by 2020.
If an antidepressant can make one happy, that means
Happiness is not magic, it's just chemistry!
But medication is not a long lasting solution because of various side effects.
What if there is a way you can engineer your chemistry in such a way that you are happy by your own nature?
When asked about how to sustain happiness, Sadhguru explains that every human experience has a chemical basis to it. Referring to this as a "complex chemical soup," he says,
"We can teach you a methodology with which you will know how to stir the right kind of soup within you. This is what is “Inner Engineering”, that you engineer your chemistry in such a way that it is blissful by its own nature, not because of something."
Inner Engineering with Sadhguru
Engineer yourself to health and blissful wellbeing with the essence of Yoga. Engineering is modern day magic.
“I see things with much more clarity, I have reduced my anxiety, stress, and my self suffering.”
- Reginald Meekins
Inner Engineering consists of 7 online classes followed by a 2-day live session in which one can learn a powerful 21-minute practice called Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya. Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya is a powerful and purifying energy technique which incorporates the breath. It gives you access over your deepest life energies and makes them vibrantly alive so that you have a sustained state of bliss and joy within you.
It's a special opportunity to learn this life transforming practice from Sadhguru himself on :
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Anyone age 15+ can attend.
No physical agility or previous experience of yoga required.


“I am happy on a daily basis, moment to moment,
as I realize that this moment is the one that counts. My clients are happier and my employees are like new people. I am gladly rubbing off well on everyone and I love it”
- Roisin Daly
“I am having a love affair with everything.
Noticing things in everyday life that I haven't noticed before. I am more patient. It will take commitment and practice for this to be my natural state all the time.”
- Valerie Berry
“I am much much more happy!
I was very depressed with bad thoughts in my mind all the time. Since I started the program they have all vanished. Every morning I am happy! I wake up happy with my husband next to me and feel very grateful for my life. I also suddenly fell in love with myself!”
- Maya Lahav Barel
“Every session added a note of change in my thinking process
and now slowly with regular practice I feel a freshness to life and happiness throughout the day, every day! I am living now in truth and not in the trap of my mind.”
- Pam Lumak
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Millions have benefited from Inner Engineering worldwide.

At a memorial event in Los Angeles, California, Sadhguru speaks about the transformation that one experiences through Inner Engineering.


Inner Engineering Improves Wellbeing for Vast Majority of Practitioners. A survey of Shambhavi Kriya practitioners found that doing these practices for a minimum of one year had significant mental, emotional and physical benefits.

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Participants Experience...
Improved emotional balance
Improved quality of life
Increased mental clarity
Research Findings
93% ↓
Anxiety & Depression
90% ↓
Headaches / Migraines
84% ↓
75% ↓
Digestive Disorders

The Science: How it works?

The whole system of yoga is based on the spine. Many of our vital functions are regulated by the spine through the autonomic nervous system. There are two components of this system: the sympathetic nervous system (survival/stress response) and the parasympathetic nervous system (restful response). These systems function in a complementary manner – when one is on, the other is off. Yoga helps you to keep the restful response on, thereby creating a chemistry of happiness within you.
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When the mind perceives a threat or stressful situation, the body reacts by releasing stress hormones which speed up the heart rate, slow down digestion, increase the breathing rate, tense the muscles, preparing the body to fight or flee from danger. This is also called 'fight-or-flight' response because it evolved as a survival mechanism, enabling people and other mammals to react quickly to life-threatening situations. In ancient times, when we lived in the wild, this was needed for our physical survival, and after the danger was dealt with, we had the time to rest and recover from the assault of survival response on our body. However in modern times, this response can even be triggered by an approaching work deadline, an email from our bosses, even a social media post, traffic, conflicts with our friends or family, or various other seemingly stressful situations. On a regular basis, stress hormones flow into our bodies for events that pose no real threat to our physical survival causing damage to the body over time.
Researchers have studied the long-term effects of chronic stress on physical and psychological health. Over time, repeated activation of the stress response takes a toll on the body. Research suggests that chronic stress contributes to high blood pressure, promotes the formation of artery-clogging deposits, diabetes, digestive disorders, and causes brain changes that contribute to stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction. More preliminary research suggests that chronic stress may also contribute to obesity, both through direct mechanisms (causing people to eat more) or indirectly (decreasing sleep and exercise).
Being restful alleviates chronic ailments and improves your immune system and healing. It also improves mental health by reducing anxiety, stress and depression, allowing you to be happier.
Fortunately, you can learn a technique to counter the stress response with consciously activating Restful response through Inner Engineering, which empowers you to create the chemistry of health, happiness & bliss within you.
If you wish to further explore the research, you can visit our research page.
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Scientists Validate the Effectiveness of Yogic Breathing Technique (Pranayama) for Better Health & Wellbeing.
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