What do think of when you hear the word yoga? Many people envision a person in various poses, among which some seem quite difficult, as the body is placed in all sorts of twists and turns. Frequently, people associate doing yoga with a regimen designed to achieve weight loss, flexibility, strength, and overall increased health.

There seem to be many forms of yoga being practiced today, and many people perceive it as yet another type of exercise program that is not limited to any age group. Children, teens, adults, the elderly: all have been known to practice yoga.

But with all of the varied forms of yoga, very often merged with other types of exercise, the true form of yoga is difficult to find and define. So what is the true form of yoga and what does it really entail?

Sadhguru provides us answers and guidance. He enables us to understand why yoga is important, not as a human expression but as a tool we can use to become something more than our personalities.

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