Are you, or do you know the type of person who worries about their children constantly? You might advise them to worry less, but to no avail. What is at the heart of what is often referred to as “helicopter parenting”? Is it self-anxiety projected onto others? Is it a strong desire to protect your child from suffering?

Most parents want the best for their children. If their child is unhappy, many times a parent will immediately try to make them feel better. Their first instinct seems to be to protect their child in any way possible. Even when parents dispense some form of reprimand or punishment, they believe that it is probably the best course. Some parents believe in toughening up a child so that they can be better equipped to deal with the “harshness” of life. Some parents believe they know the best course, now and in the future, for their child. But is this being a good parent? Is worrying all the time an effective parenting strategy?

Sadhguru answers a nine-year-old girl’s question on why parents worry and become so tense about their children’s future.

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