We have all been there. You are face to face with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile, you ask them how they have been and out pours their struggle with a particular life situation. You notice they are hardly even breathing as sentence after sentence comes out in rapid fire succession. As you are listening with deep empathy, you also wish you can do something to help. It’s a natural response. Often times, people just want to be heard and do not need a solution or would rather find their own solution. However, it’s just bursting within you to say: “you need to do something for you” even though you may not know exactly what that something is.

When are friends are feeling overwhelmed, chances are, they are stressed and what could help them are relaxation techniques or guided meditations for relaxation. Meditation and relaxation go hand in hand and there numerous studies that are exploring the connection.

Relaxation breathing techniques and relaxation exercises can provide temporary relief thereby creating a moment to pause and reflect on the stressful situation and how to best address it.

Sadhguru says that yoga, which includes relaxation techniques and relaxation meditation done properly can help with stress and here is why:

How simple or complex an activity is doesn’t change the quality of your life. With what context you do it changes the quality of your life. If you look at your ability to handle various situations in your life, is it better when you are feeling very happy or unhappy? When you are joyful, you are willing to take up any number of things and do it. When you are stressed, you don’t want to do even the simplest things – it sets up a different kind of momentum within you. So the first and foremost thing we need to work at is to make a human being peaceful and joyful. This will invariably happen if you do the right type of yoga. If it is done properly – because yoga is a subjective science – if it is delivered properly, it will work like a miracle and make this happen.

Inner Engineering offers tools to find balance between the challenges of a hectic modern life and the inner longing for peace. Watch here to see how a family physician and single mother of two overcame her complicated schedule through the tools of Inner Engineering.

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