When speaking about love, intense emotional responses are invoked. We experience love in a deeply personal way infused with on our own needs and desires. It surfaces as love for our significant other, love for a friend, love for our child, and even as love for a pet.

Throughout history, love has been expressed in different ways, depending on a given society’s beliefs. In this way it becomes, partly, a cultural invention. In addition to partnerships based on mutual love and attraction, there have been marriages arranged to promote sovereign power alliances, marriages that provide financial stability, and marriages based on one’s station in life.

Yet, throughout history, love has frequently been perceived as fleeting, elusive, and not everlasting. It has perplexed many, leaving them unfulfilled and questioning how to handle what often seems a complex and difficult subject.

Sadhguru discusses the “I love you” mantra and fulfilling needs. Sadhguru explains that if you transcend your needs, you will naturally become loving.

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