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  1. sridhar reddy swarna Reply
    i have problem with sleep have insomnia for several years now. need help . which yoga do you recommend begin with ?
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  4. Adam Hussein Adam Reply
    Although i do not consume tea of coffee, i have problem sleeping and waking up energetic.
  5. Kathy Paul Reply
    May I add, try not to snack in the Evenings. I turn my Kitchen Light OFF at 8:00 pm and say, " The Kitchen Is Closed for Today " All the extra added sodiums, salts and food additives on snacks can really affect one's sleeping patterns. I drink water instead. Water can easily replace that Snack. It fills you up and it is a natural beverage. Try Water and avoid your snacks.
  6. Kathy Paul Reply
    If you are having problems falling asleep. Stop tossing and turning and building up anxieties. Just face it -- you cannot sleep right now. Get out of bed, watch T.V. or read a book for awhile. Even though you think you are keeping yourself up -- in fact, you are NOT. You are enjoying your small activity and eventually you will get tired and head off to bed. Why lie in bed all night and toss and turn and take all that built up anxiety and restlessness to work with you. And you will. Sometimes it will only take 15 to 20 minutes of Television or 20 minutes reading your favorite book and you will get tired. Also, warming a cup of milk in your microwave for approx. 10 - 20 seconds is a warm drink that will naturally relax your stomach muscles and help you sleep. Mom raised my doing this and at exam time at University; I was so glad to have her little sleep aid. One Cup of Warm Milk. No chocolate -- only warm milk. Give it and honest College try. I did.

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