Who hasn’t changed their decision, at one time or another, after making plans? You canceled a luncheon. You purchased an item, then returned it. You chose a career path, then took a sidestep or two before continuing down that road. Countless times, people vacillate, dropping plans in order to make new ones, and even sometimes never reaching anywhere remotely resembling the original goal.

The age of technology has enabled us to explore many options in much less time than in years past. However, it also allows us to hover above information without making any commitments or following a chosen path. Choices and more choices can be confusing and can keep us stuck in the choice stage of the process. So what to do? How can we make better decisions, including finding the best way to walk the spiritual path?

In a state of joy and clarity within yourself, Sadhguru explains, you must choose what you wish to do, and then do only that. Our minds and emotions are capable of leading us in circles and changing our directions every day. If you change directions too often, Sadhguru says, you are obviously not interested in getting anywhere.

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