We all need water to stay alive. The amount of water in the human body is approximately seventy percent. Your cells, organs, and tissues need water in order to regulate your body temperature and maintain bodily functions.

Our bodies lose water on a daily basis through breathing, perspiration, and digestion. It is important to rehydrate by drinking water and also by eating foods that contain water. The amount of water an individual might need depends upon the climate in which the person lives, how physically active the person is, and whether or not the person is dealing with an illness. Is there a way to determine how much water we should drink in order to maintain optimal health? Does the source of water and the method used to make it available for human consumption play as large a part in its health benefits as the amount we drink?

During a talk with the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and other government officials, on the banks of the Narmada river, Sadhguru speaks about living a healthy life. He explains that among the five elements — the pancha bhutas, that make up all creation — if we are a little conscious of the water and air elements, and pay a little attention to what we consume, we will rarely need medical help.

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