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The Human System

My question is, if I want to learn more about the human body, would you recommend just doing more yoga, or reading the human body as it’s described in yogic sciences, or just be experienced by exercising more often?

Grey’s Anatomy. If you want to know about the human system. See, through the process of Kriya, one can know and understand the system in a completely different way. This is a very painful and unfortunate reality today. What I find is very few people are willing to give them themselves to the need of discipline, the way they should. Especially in this part of the world, it’s very difficult to put people into any kind of long enough discipline to explore the possibilities.

Somehow, that kind of attitude in the world is … giving yourself totally to something is so, has diminished so much. Very few people can do that.

Apart from that, if you want to explore the Kriyas in a powerful way, to know things, it needs a certain psychological strength, and also physiological strength.

This is another thing that I am noticing. If I look at a thousand bodies, if I look at a thousand people as physical bodies, I don’t find even 20 to 30 people who would be capable of serious sadhana . They would take a long time to prepare their systems. Just the ways of living has done that. This is what has … I know these people will reap the problems of this as time goes by. You will see this. The complexities of ailments in diseases will multiply a hundred fold in the next hundred years. Because the system is weakening like never before. The human system is weakening like never before.

They may be growing muscles, that’s not it. This basic system is not strengthened because there may be various things. I can’t describe this to any particular reason, but it’s a distinctly different than what it was a hundred years ago, and what it is now. To find a body which is stable. To find people with absolutely stable mind and body. You have to search, or you have to work a long time to prepare them. Even with people who come with great determination, I find they crack up if you put them in the real serious sadhana.

Sadhana for well being, very easy. To make you feel well, it’s very easy. Just be simple, you’ll feel great. You’ll go to bar, spend the night, you’ll be floating around. That’s enough to live a good life. But, if you want to know the fundamentals of life, if you want to know the process of creation itself, then it takes a different kind of approach all together.

Reading the yogic books won’t mean anything because talking about subjective dimensions from an intellectual understanding, is just a waste of time. We could do some little things too. Explore a few things at least, if not the whole thing. Definitely.

It takes heartbreaking sadhana, you know. It is a different kind of approach to life. The life will not yield it’s secrets so easily. That’s why life has sustained for so long, because it doesn’t deal so easily. It has lived so long, it has sustained itself so long on this planet because it is so intricately built and it’s all held within each of the … If you want to enter that, and look at it, it takes a certain amount of effort.

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