shutterstock_114592780If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you know that severe anxiety goes beyond just feeling nervous or worried. Anxiety can be paralyzing, not allowing you to live freely and do all the things you’d like to do.

Suppose you want to ask the girl at the coffee shop for her number, or approach your boss for a raise you’ve worked hard to deserve. Maybe you want to start a new business, or begin your first novel, travel to Paris, or even just make it to that dinner party to which you were invited. Even when nothing is standing in your way, anxiety can create a huge obstacle to overcome. For the worst sufferers, anxiety can become a prison, keeping you from even leaving the house without panic, or isolating you socially and emotionally.

At their root, what we refer to as anxiety disorders and panic attacks are just different names for fear. So what can you do when fear takes over your life?

Overcoming Anxiety and Fear

Like all of our emotions, fear exists only within our minds, though it can have very real physiological consequences. Below, Sadhguru explains that our fear causes us to suffer things that aren’t even real:

Sadhguru: Fear is simply because you are not living with life, you are living in your mind. Your fear is always about what’s going to happen next. That means your fear is always about that which does not exist. If your fear is about the non-existent, your fear is hundred percent imaginary. If you are suffering the non-existential, we call that insanity. So, people may be in just socially accepted levels of insanity, but if you’re afraid or if you’re suffering anything which does not exist, it amounts to insanity, isn’t it?

People are always suffering either what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow. So your suffering is always about that which does not exist, simply because you’re not rooted in reality, you’re always rooted in your mind. Mind is – one part of it is memory, another part of it is imagination. Both of them are in one way imagination, because both of them don’t exist right now. You’re lost in your imagination, that’s the basis of your fear. If you were rooted in reality, there would be no fear.

What fear does is it puts boundaries around you. It is because of fear that you build boundaries all the time. If you put boundaries and restrict the area of your life, you may be safe but the problem is you are safe even from life. You are protected from life itself. That’s real protection!

Meditation for Anxiety Relief

If you suffer chronic panic attacks, you may already be familiar with anxiety breathing exercises and meditations for anxiety relief. These techniques can be useful for alleviating the immediate physical effects and symptoms of an anxiety attack, which can include:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Pounding heart or chest pain
  • Intense feeling of dread
  • Sensation of choking or smothering
  • Dizziness or feeling faint
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Sweating
  • Nausea or stomachache

But while basic anxiety breathing exercises such as “deep breathing” and counting to 10 can provide support in the moment, finding a permanent solution for anxiety requires a deeper look into the body and the mind.

The Inner Engineering program is a comprehensive exploration of the mind, body, energy, and the root origins of all of our human emotions. This process of self-examination brings clarity and new understanding to our behaviors and fears, freeing us from the cycles of past tendencies and limitations.

In order to deepen the experiential nature of the process, Inner Engineering utilizes simple and powerful meditations and guided practices such as Isha Kriya, a 12-minute meditation that can align the body and mind with your vision for life. Isha Kriya is a beneficial meditation for anxiety sufferers, as the practice assists you in creating a space between yourself and the suffering caused by the mind. As you learn to maintain a distance between yourself and your body and mind, you become free from fear and anxiety.

A powerful breathing technique for anxiety and stress relief, as well as your overall wellbeing, Isha Kriya can be practiced daily and anytime you need support during the day.

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  1. Venkat Reply
    I did Isha Kriya for three months. Feeling a lot better. Should I continue.
    • Inner Engineering Reply
      Yes and you can also participate in the Inner Engineering programs offered online or in person.
  2. Calm Clinic Reply
    Isha Kriya seems very effective, have heard from several friends about this and would love to try. Just needed the instruction and i got all here.
  3. Gregory Burzynski Reply
    Yoga has a great power when practice it regularly. The problem of many is they don't know yet that they already suffering from anxiety. First thing they do is to take anti-depressant medication and other intoxicating drugs. Such a great post, Very refreshing to read,

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