We can’t wait to escape the cold winter weather—to enjoy the warmth of a tropical holiday getaway. But have you ever thought you need a vacation after your vacation? Vacation is meant to be a time of respite during which you can rest and recharge – but studies show the a vacation can leave you feeling more stressed than before you left. While the term “vacation stress” may seem like an oxymoron, it has become more prevalent.

Now with Inner Engineering your stress can be reduced not only during vacation time but through your life. The course provides a simple, easy to use, proven methods to empower yourself to eliminate the root cause of stress, so you can enjoy a stress free life.


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  1. Daniela Nicoleta Nicoara Reply
    Hello lovely Sadhguru , How are you ?do you know how is possible for me to go in the vacation for free without money ?Do you know how can i find a job to make money to go in the vacation ?How can be that possible ?What i need to do?I wish you all the best and i send to you all my love . Where i need to go to make my music what i like and to be happy with everything what i can do .Really i dont know where i can find that people to help me and to understand my feelings for arts .Do you know which people can help me ?In which country from the world because are so many and i dont know where is the best ,i have not any idea about it .. Greetings & Gods love Your friend ,Daniela Nicoleta Nicoara
  2. Shubham Reply
    Need to know about course
  3. Richard Reply
    Dear Daniela Nicoleta Nicoara, Have you thought of making it a year or two long vacation and just finding simple part time jobs in each place you go to? This would work really well for paying for your trip during it especially if you travel to places with hostels in or near them.
  4. Tiffany Anderson Reply
    Enjoyed this article and coincidentally, I just returned from a lovely vacation and happily experienced my stress levels diminish while enjoying the hotel resort and spa. I scheduled my itinerary, printed a resort map, and purchased show tickets ahead of time plus I packed most of my food to eliminate the extra cost of eating out. I agree that preparation and meditation can eliminate the vacation stress that some people may feel. Daniela might be helped by considering online travel sources where people can 'rent-a-couch- and stay with safe locals or even barter services for travel. I know folk musicians who hold house concerts and stay with the host and share food for a music performance. A stay-cation or vacation of the mind (daydreaming) is the easiest 'free' vacation around. A trip to the library to learn about the world, enjoy music and film is another option. Enjoy.

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