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You know the feeling: it’s a Monday morning, and you’re staring at an assignment at work thinking, “I have zero interesting ideas.” Whether you’re sleepy or just blocked, there is something preventing the creativity from flowing, and you feel it. When this happens, it’s hard to feel productive in even the most mindless of tasks, but especially anything that requires creative thinking. But what if you could beat the blockage? What if there were certain things you could do that would actually help your creative juices flow more freely?

Read below as Sadhguru explains what meditation can do for your creativity:

1. Mental Clarity

Sadhguru: “If creativity has to happen, we have to develop a certain level of un-distortedness in the mind. If you carry the baggage of life with you all the time, you cannot see anything the way it is. In yoga, we always describe the mind as a mirror. A mirror is useful to you only if it is clean and plain. If it is undulating or has accumulated something, it does not show you things as they are. The nature of a mirror is such that if you stand before it, it carries you in full glory. If you leave, the mirror leaves you 100%. It will not retain even a little residue of who you are. The next person who comes and stands in front of the mirror is also reflected in full glory. If a million people look at themselves in a mirror, they will not leave an iota of their quality in the mirror.

If you can keep your mind in such a way that the exposure to life does not leave any residue on your mind, then you see things just the way they are. Then there is room to innovate and create every aspect of your life. If you are just receptive to life, if you become a reflection of life rather than becoming a mind and a jumble of thoughts, this is what is generally considered as creativity.”

2. Focus

Sadhguru: “Don’t be anxious to be focused. Learn to relax into life. If you develop a love for what you are doing, you will see that you will naturally grasp everything that you need to grasp. Rather than trying to concentrate on your study or work, if you see the usefulness of what you are doing, if you enjoy what you are doing, you will see that grasping things will come naturally to you. Everybody has the capability.”

3. Involvement with Life

Sadhguru: “When you are deeply involved with everything that you are in touch with right now, only then do you see everything clearly, the way it needs to be seen. When you see things like this, it is very easy to create anything because it is just a question of what material you have in your hands and how to put it together. Creativity need not necessarily mean that you invent something fantastic. Someone can be creative about how they sweep the floor. If you develop the means to truly observe what is happening within you on all levels of who you are, then you would be enormously creative. But even if you just observe what is happening around you constantly, you will see there is always a way to do the same thing in a more innovative way.”

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  1. Saloney Reply
    My job requires me to be constantly innovative and creative. These tips are really helpful - I've thought of some really fresh, novel, effective ideas since reading this. Point number 3 especially! I'm really curious to know how meditation will unleash my creativity! Thanks!
  2. Vinoth s Reply
    Something happens when I try to do what you say sadhguru
  3. Padma Reply
    Totally love the mirror analogy! Thank you.
  4. Augusta Bogdan Reply
    I love your words ,i love you and also my angels from the image ,the womens from Mindvalley ,they are like the angels .Yes that is right ,many times we need to have our time ,our space ,our clarity ,our moments of life what give us the happiness but many times we need love and care .God gives love and care like the sun gives the warmness ,a people can not live all the time alone ,every people ,every child needs love from the mother ,from the father ,needs carring ,attention ,nice words ,nice things,nice education and small gifts .Sometimes for creation is better to be alone but is also better to have a groupe to make the music what you like or to work together .When you make a song ,you write the music and another people sing your music ,when you write a poem ,you write the words and other people say your words ,when you make a food ,one cut the vegetables and another put the salt to feel the taste ,when you buy a thing another can say you if is beautiful or not, to make you happy when you love >the love is to share together ,but is important to find your twinflame ,your soulmate ,your gemeni people to feel the same together for the same things ,for the ideals ,asspirations ,working together in the same way and not in the different ways >The work is beautiful together and not separeted .That is why are many problems when the people have other jobs and they have not enough time for understanding each others ,love each others,to live good with each others .Every people needs love ,attention ,carring ,help ,support ,trust and truth .

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