Do you find it hard to say no? There are many situations where it might seem difficult. Maybe your children have learned the art of transforming their desires into persistent requests. Maybe you don’t want to hurt, anger, or disappoint the person to whom you are trying to say “no”. Maybe, at work, you have to continue teaming up with certain people and you want to be cooperative, in the interest of having things run smoothly, even if it infringes on your own workload.

For some people, it’s easy to refuse, because that is part of their character structure. It can be based on any number of variables, such as fear, convenience, or just knowing exactly how much they personally can handle. Sometimes if you spread yourself too thin, your efficiency and your health might suffer. It can be difficult to juggle work, home, and social commitments; so…when to say no?

Sadhguru explains what to do when you are finding it difficult to say “No” to people.

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