Have you ever pondered the many whats, whys and hows of life? Why did this happen to me? What is the meaning of life? Does fate exist? How do I live a good life? Is suffering a necessary part of human existence? Is there a rhythm to life? How to stop judging others? Should I get married? The list does not stop there. It is vast. The questions can revolve around personal issues, society, humanity, or other life.

Sadhguru offers insights into many questions about life. The first link below is a very short, fun clip of the conversation between Sadhguru and Ranveer Singh. But to listen to Sadhguru’s answers to many inquiries about life, click the full conversation. Here is a brief sample: Are sports about winning and competition? What is success? What is the purpose of life? What is sensing the future? How will I know what is necessary to do in this world? If peace is the first basic step, what is the next step?

Here are a few moments from Ranveer Singh’s conversation with Sadhguru, where they hang out, chill together, and finally dance together too!

Watch the full conversation between Sadhguru and Ranveer Singh below:

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