Sadhguru explains consciousness is the key, even though we may be equanimous within ourselves, when we perform different kinds of activities, making choices is inevitable.

Consciousness and Patterns

It’s a kindergartener’s first day at school and his mother tries to ease his nervousness by telling him that it will be fun and that he will make new friends. A month has passed, and he has made some friends, but as the days and years pass, like most people, he now has a set group, or one individual, with whom he feels he shares a close bond.

Equanimity and Consciousness

Whether at school or work, we tend to gravitate toward those who fulfil our desires and share our interests. We may tolerate a co-worker who is grouchy and not the best team player because he/she is very efficient and has the knowledge base to get the task accomplished. However, at lunchtime, we seek others out, especially after an awkward first lunch with our grouchy teammate. We may strive for equanimity, but it is often not easy to do.

Consciousness Quotes

“It is lack of human consciousness that has rendered Mother Earth, the very basis of our existence, into a commodity with an expiry date.” – Sadhguru

“For the health of the economy, we compromise the health of the human beings. It is time we let consciousness guide our lives.” – Sadhguru

“If the youth of the world stands up for raising inclusive consciousness, we can address every problem on the planet.” – Sadhguru

“What your consciousness is intensely focused on is what will manifest in your life and in the world around you.” – Sadhguru

“Consciousness is not a bunch of thoughts or a certain level of understanding – it’s a boundless dimension.” – Sadhguru

“Emotion has the power to transform. It can drag you into the gutter or take you to the highest peak of consciousness.” – Sadhguru


Conscious Activity

Sadhguru: Though you may look upon everything with an equal eye, when it comes to activity, we will inevitably engage with certain people more than the other. We may be equanimous within ourselves, but activity is different from person to person. If I want to play volleyball, I will play with one group. If I want to play table tennis, I will import someone from outside. For different types of things that we do, we naturally choose. If you want to read something, maybe you will go with her. If you want to play, you will go with her. You want to do something else, then you will go with that person because of a certain aptitude, not because of a lack of equanimity. Even if we look at everyone with a certain sense, when it comes to engagement in terms of activity, naturally there are choices. Nothing wrong about it. That is the only way life can be.

But now you are getting tangled up with that because you are trying to cling. We try to cling because somehow we feel we are not sufficient. See, I planted all these areca nut trees here for you so that every day you can hug one tree. Did you ever do that? The beauty about hugging a tree is that you can get attached to the tree, but the tree will not get attached to you. Such a wonderful thing. That is why I am openly telling people, “You can fall in love with me, no problem. You may get attached, but I will not cling to you, don’t worry.” No danger of the tree coming and catching you as you are going by. If you get attached to somebody, they will come and catch you. A tree and a guru are good for this because they will not come and catch you. The tree is fine without your hug. It is beautiful, doing what it has to do, but we know from experimentation that a tree enjoys a hug or a touch.

You should become like this. You must enjoy every association and company that you seek, but you do not have to get stuck to anything. If you want to visualize what will happen to you over a period of time if you get stuck to people and things; suppose today I coat you with superglue, head to toe. You walk out, you like this, so this got stuck to you. You went and touched something, so it got stuck to you. You hugged the tree, and it got stuck to you. Whatever you touched, everything stuck to you. Within twenty-four hours, you will become a heap of nonsense.

This is why spirituality because it is a solvent for all glues that we generate. Whenever we feel insecure, we have a way of generating a glue that gets us stuck to anything we touch. I have the solvent. You must bring this dimension into you because this is the nature of the body. Body has something called as runanubandha. Have you heard this word? When we were growing up, it was very common that in daily conversation people would say prarabdha, runanubandha, karma, mukthi, moksha. In daily conversation in this country, people uttered these things. Today, everything is, “Shit! Shit! Shit!” We are really elevating ourselves…

Carrying Memory Consciously

Runanubandha means there is a physical memory in your body. Why is it that your nose is like this, but her nose is like that? There is a memory in this. The memory is not just on the genetic level. You will see that if somebody came and sat down here today, tomorrow if you announce one more satsang, unknowingly, they will go and sit down in the same place because there is a certain runanubandha with that place. People do not get attached only to people. They will get attached to just about anything because the body develops a certain memory with anything that it touches.

This memory is helpful if you use it consciously you can recognize something without even thinking about it. If you close your eyes and sit here, and someone that you know walks in, you just know this person has walked in. This is good, but the problem is, because you are processing this memory unconsciously, you get stuck to that person. Now, runanubandha is not a bad thing. Runanubandha must be carried consciously, then you will enjoy the many memories that you have in your life. Otherwise, every memory becomes a tangle; entangling and enslaving. All the memories that you gather in your life should make your life-scape rich, but instead of that, people make it heavy. Do not make it heavy.

Videos on Consciousness by Sadhguru

No Problems Only Possibilities

If we are in a state of equanimity, balance and exuberance, Sadhguru says, anything that life throws at you, you can make it into a possibility. Once a human being is like this, there are no problems, only possibilities.

Memory, Consciousness, and Coma – Sadhguru at Harvard Medical School

In this Sadhguru Spot video, Emery N. Brown, MD, PhD, Professor of Anesthesia and Computational Neuroscience; Nicholas D. Schiff, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology and Neurosciences, and Sadhguru explore what actually happens under anesthesia to brain, mind, and consciousness. Sadhguru throws light on jagrati/wakefulness and offers a deeper and wider definition of consciousness, from his own experiential yogic perspective. This question was part of a conversation between medical scientists and Sadhguru on “Memory, Consciousness, and Coma,” at Harvard University Sanders Theatre on 14 May 2018.

Sustainability: Is Consciousness the Key?

In this excerpt, yogi, mystic, and visionary, Sadhguru and American actor and environmentalist, Ed Begley, Jr. discuss the human role of sustainability, a vision for recycling, and transforming agricultural systems.

From Unconscious to Conscious Evolution

Sadhguru looks at how a human being has been given the privilege that he or she can evolve consciously. He explains that if we can conduct all aspects of who we are consciously for even 5 minutes, it can bring tremendous transformation.

Tools for Consciousness:

Inner Engineering is an opportunity to raise your consciousness and to engineer an inner transformation that deepens your perception, bringing about a dimensional shift in the very way you look at your life, your work, and the world that you inhabit. It is offered as a program for personal growth and establishes the possibility of exploring the higher dimensions of life, in addition to optimizing health and success. Learn the powerful 21-minute Shambhavi MahaMudra Kriya. Inner Engineering is offered in person with Sadhguru along with teacher-led programs across US and Canada. Click here to learn more.

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