Carefully and with a keen focus, the craftsman demonstrated his skill at carving an intricate design in the dead and shaved tree stump. His focus did not deter him from his obvious passion and joy as he continued to show his students his seemingly magical hand moves. Observers could barely determine where his hand began and the tool ended, so synchronized were both.

Many people in all walks of life have inspired us in this same fashion. They are not only immersed in whatever they are doing but are caressed with a loving joy and pronounced liveliness. Often those we view as our best teachers enhance our learning because they exhibit these characteristics.

Playfulness, says Sadhguru, has been wrongly equated with irresponsibility. Instead of walking around with a long face, entangled with your own creation, if you are playful with life and in tune with the larger creation, it is the most responsible way to live. If you want to walk the path of devotion, you cannot save yourself – you must burn with passion.

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