Have you ever relaxed on the grass on a cool spring night and watched the countless stars? As you looked up, many questions flooded your mind concerning the universe. Is Earth the only inhabited planet? How did the solar system form? Is the universe endless? Can our minds ever comprehend this vast and complex universe?

Science tries to move forward towards an understanding of life and natural forces. But how close to understanding the mechanics of our minds, as they interpret and formulate theories, has humanity come? How objective can science be when most people are subjective in their patterns of thinking? Can we ever reach a point of knowing?

Watch neuroscientist and author David Eagleman in conversation with Sadhguru as they discuss a variety of subjects, ranging from different parts of the mind, the concept of time, quantum mechanics, religion, and meditation. The conversation is laced with humor and incisive logic and moves towards an interesting climax where David Eagleman acknowledges that science and mysticism meet at a certain point.

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