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“What is Love” is one of the most searched definitions on Google. Probably the challenge for us is to limit it to a definition and a structure – like describing a painting. You can keep on describing but it will fail to fully recreate. Famous poet Khalil Gibran writes about the nature of love, “Love neither possesses nor would it be possessed. For Love is sufficient unto to Love.” Though Gibran writes about a love of the highest kind, it does reminisce some of the most intense moments we have felt for another.  How often do we go in pursuit of it and doubt what we end up with?  Maybe to define it is impossible because to each love has its own flavors.

In this day and age where we are living an overly rational life, where we try to define and dissect everything – why does love still hold so much significance in our lives? We are proud of how we perceive more control of our lives than generations past. We know what the weather is going to be tomorrow, how much calories we are having with each meal, and even how many kids we are going to have. To be in love is to relinquish that control yet we seek it.

Maybe because for most the memories of love are often more sweet than bitter. Or maybe it shakes the life in us to a very high pitch. Like the layers of an onion being peeled away, in love we put down our layers and bare ourselves.  For those who have been there, there is no denying that it is an overlaying of ecstatic and tragic emotions. It is often these powerful experiences and memories that motivate us to keep searching for love.

Can we demystify love without tarnishing what it means to us? Can we dissect the ideal and still pursue it without logic? Sadhguru insights are precise and deep. Here is his take on what love is.

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  1. ripuree11 Reply
    I like the idea of love being an emotion; and a sweet emotion.
  2. RAY BULLOCK Reply
    Love is God and God is Love. When we truly love, we imitate God. This love/Love is creative, full of energy, overcomes evil and comes from within each person whoever lived, because we all posess this divine spark of Love. We are eternal beings who can love eternally.
  3. Hebrew Reply
    I love this.
  4. jennifer Reply
    it alright cool
  5. Brandon Reply
    You touched my heart

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