Your day is going quite well, until someone at the tea shop aggressively cuts in front of you with a long story about being late. You feel the anger growing, but you try not to react, and then very soon, they are served and out of the store. The incident has passed, but you still go over it repeatedly with added scenes as you drive to work. You only saw that person for less than ten minutes, but you dislike everything about them. Why does that person and the tea shop incident still bother you and hang around in your mind, every so often nagging you?

Have you ever sized up a person without really knowing them? It seems so routine to just immediately classify them and determine if we like or dislike someone before we have gotten to actually know them. We even do that with things. We all have our long lists of likes and dislikes; often they define us and others. But those chosen likes and dislikes can act as triggers for anger and impatience as we deal with others.

Sadhguru helps us understand how our likes and dislikes hinder us from living a joyful life. He relates how, when we believe that there are good people and bad people, we get blind-sighted. Watch below to listen to what we can do to change all of that within ourselves.

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