The day was brimming with brilliant sunshine and the soft breezes of spring. He was out for a walk with his two children. His son would run joyfully ahead in a zigzag fashion, as his daughter remained close to him, her hand clasped securely in his. They approached a field of daffodils, and soon both children were aglow as they examined them and the insects living in that flowery mist.

It seemed so much easier as children to enjoy all our surroundings, no matter whether they were human, animal, or plant. Remember those days when everything and anything seemed fascinating, if only for a few minutes at a time?

As we progress from youth to adulthood, our lives become full of the many things and opportunities that our society offers. We soon create a career path and fall into the work routine, relationships, marriage, and maybe even parenting. But do we enjoy these aspects of our lives, or do they consume us as we get lost in trying to juggle our choices?

Sadhguru reminds us how to enjoy all aspects of our life as he answers a student’s question at Sir JJ School of Art, India. Sadhguru explains that whatever one’s activity may be, one is essentially just exploring life.

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