In order to be creative, successful, or even simply peaceful and joyful on a daily basis, mental clarity is of fundamental importance. No matter what you want to do with your life, you need to be able to use your mind effectively.

However, for many people, their day-to-day thoughts might be racing, jumbled up, carrying them  away, or just plain getting them stuck.

Keeping a clear mind doesn’t mean sacrificing your intelligence or resisting the thought process –  rather, by keeping the mind and perception keen, your natural intelligence has the freedom to flower.

Clear Thinking: Keeping the mental mirror clean

Sadhguru, the creator of Inner Engineering, describes the ideal state of mind as an undistorted mirror:

Sadhguru: “If creativity has to happen, we have to develop a certain level of un-distortedness in the mind. If you carry the baggage of life with you all the time, you cannot see anything the way it is.

In yoga, we always describe the mind as a mirror. A mirror is useful to you only if it is clean and plain. If it is undulating or has accumulated something, it does not show you things as they are. The nature of a mirror is such that if you stand before it, it carries you in full glory. If you leave, the mirror leaves you 100%. It will not retain even a little residue of who you are. The next person who comes and stands in front of the mirror is also reflected in full glory. If a million people look at themselves in a mirror, they will not leave an iota of their quality in the mirror.

If you can keep your mind in such a way that the exposure to life does not leave any residue on your mind, then you see things just the way they are. Then there is room to innovate and create every aspect of your life. If you are just receptive to life, if you become a reflection of life rather than becoming a mind and a jumble of thoughts, this is what is generally considered as creativity.”

The technology of Inner Engineering is a support for clearing the mind “mirror” of its past accumulations, enhancing your mental capacity and enabling you to use your unburdened mind and perception to their full potential. In a survey of over 500 Inner Engineering participants, 80% reported experiencing increased mental clarity.

The Inner Engineering process delves deep into the source of our thoughts and emotions, revealing the ways in which our perception can become distorted and the repetitive cycles that can entrap our minds and limit our capabilities. By reaching a deeper understanding of the nature of the mind and thought, as well as through the support of simple meditations and inner processes, you can transform your experience of the mind from a burden to a powerful instrument for creating the life you desire.

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