From the moment we are born, fashion becomes a part of our lives. Baby clothes are a huge market in today’s world. Styles for baby boys and girls thrive on people’s desire to enhance a baby’s already natural cuteness. As we grow older, it doesn’t change much; fashion continues to infiltrate our lives, based more on an accepted style. This style is usually motivated by profit, rather than focusing on basic clothing function.

Many styles through the years have proved damaging to our physical health and growth. Examples include corsets, high heels, tight jeans, and large heavy earrings. Also, the manufacturing of synthetic clothing is detrimental to the environment. Microfibers in clothing can travel to your local wastewater treatment plant, where approximately forty percent can enter rivers, lakes, and oceans, polluting these areas and harming the life they contain.

Fortunately, with the growing popularity of natural-fiber clothing, humans and other life need not suffer from the adverse effects of synthetic fibers. Sadhguru explains the importance of not buying and wearing clothing based on the current fashion. We can make our own fashion statement without wearing harmful and uncomfortable clothing. We can be a style icon in our own way.

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