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Above are some of the stunning pictures that were taken worldwide to commemorate the Yoga Day celebrations.

Tweets, Texts, Instagram Pics, Facebook likes, YouTube shares and Headlines abounded the internet on Sunday, June 21st on UN’s International Day of Yoga. In Google, there were close to 3,000 news articles produced. All of the major media players such as CNN, NPR, BBC, Huffington Post, New York Times, Washington Post and many others were writing breaking news stories. As yoga is thousands of years old it is interesting to see how yoga became a worldwide conversation worthy of coverage from the top media sources in the world.The Indian ambassador to the United Nations informed a room full of journalists that it is estimated up to 2 billion people in 192 countries around the world would be participating in the United Nations-sponsored event. A Google search analysis reveals Yoga Day was the most searched term in India with over 200,000 searches. On social media, the word “yoga” was trending. In India, on Twitter, #InternationalDayofYoga was trending while #InternationalYogaDay was the talking point on Facebook, propelled by the coverage in both national and international media. Worldwide social media users began posting photos and videos of the session they attended, which created an avalanche of sharing content related to yoga. It seemed as though everyone had yoga fever and if they weren’t doing yoga, they were at least talking about it and it looked as though yoga had taken over the media world.

Sadhguru writes about the momentous day:

With a history of over 15,000 years, yoga has survived and flourished without any papacy, force, strong advocacy or conversion. It has survived solely on the basis of efficacy. Human wellbeing will not happen by looking out. Wellbeing will happen only by turning inwards because human experience is from within. Not up, not out, but within…that is the message of yoga day. I offer my gratitude to Bharat (India), land that brought yoga to the world.

Yoga day will not be a one-day event, but a dimensional shift in the way we conduct ourselves.

Thousands of our meditators across the globe have imparted simple Upa-Yoga practices to the public in celebration of International Day of Yoga. I want to express my gratitude to all those who have offered themselves in this way.

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