In every relationship, you might experience moments of true love, but how long do these moments last? Most often they vary in intensity from low-key to exuberant. Many people spend their entire lives seeking the perfect relationship or trying to mold their current relationships into their own joyful inventions.

This can be difficult, as relationships are formed to fulfil different types of needs. It can be two people who choose to spend their lives together, a parent child relationship, or relationships between friends. It can also be a situation that one is born into, such as relationships with family members. All types of relationships incorporate the many needs and ideas of the people involved making it difficult to satisfy everyone all the time.

Is there a way to work this out? What if you could always maintain a loving quality? What if love need not depend on someone else’s response, but only on your own? Watch as Sadhguru explains the nature of love and tells you how, by spending just five minutes a day, you can make love a constant presence in your life.

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