Have you had the experience of being awake at 2 a.m., continuing to be enthralled by the words that painted a very vivid picture from a breathtaking novel. All five senses are engaged at their fullest. It feels as though you are living each scene, and even after you have finished the last page, you are still not sleepy.

Most people have read books, listened to stories, or seen movies and become immersed in each scene. But is this the ultimate experience? Many people have spoken of a heightened perception when they walked serenely amongst nature, canoed or kayaked a lake, went hand gliding, sat quietly for a simple meditation, or pushed themselves beyond daily physical limitations. What does it take to move beyond the five senses into a deeper experience of life?

Sadhguru explains that to experience a dimension beyond the physical, a perception beyond the five senses must be opened. The five senses are naturally working for one’s survival but to go beyond, one must strive to break this limiting barrier.

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