She spent her thirty-fifth birthday without the usually extravagant gifts and dinner. Instead, she, her husband, and their two children took the day off from work and school. The cell phones were turned off. They cooked and ate meals together, took a long walk in the park, then played a board game at home. She could not believe how enchanting the day was. She started to question her life choices. Why did she buy into other people’s ideas of what is meaningful, and who started those beliefs that we need the best job, best technological gadget, best clothes, and best car anyway?

In this busy modern world, it is easy to get lost in the acquisition of things. We often become immersed in our desire to have the perfect life that only money can buy. But how much do we sacrifice in order to obtain these goals, and how happy are we as we strive toward them?

Sadhguru tells us how to balance our desire for the material aspects of life with our desire to live a more spiritual life.

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