Aum, Amen, Ameen Are One and the Same

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Aum, Amen, Ameen Are One and the Same

If you had to utter any kind of sound without using the tongue. What are the sounds that you could utter? I want you to experiment and see. “Ah”, yes for sure you can do “ah”. “Oh”, possible. “Mm-mm”, yes, possible. What else? Suppose you did not have a tongue. What are the sounds you can utter? You can do “ah”, you can do “oh”, you can do “mm-mm”. Try any other sound.

Someone who is unable to speak, a mute person who’s unable to speak, what are the sounds that he makes? “Ah”, “oh”, “mm-mm”, because these three sounds do not need the use of your tongue. If you remove your tongue, you’re able to make only three sounds: “Ah”, “oh”, “mm-mm”. You’re using the tongue, placing the tongue in different positions in your pallet. To mix these three sounds and produce all other sounds that you produce. If you know something about the color television, you would know there are only three basic colors. Using these three colors, you see every other possible color on the tube. Similarly, there are only three basic sounds, using these three sounds, you’re able to produce all these other sounds. The tongue is just helping you to mix these three sound sin many complex ways. Now, these three sounds: “ah”, “ooh”, and “mah”, are referred to as the basic sounds or the universal sounds, because these three sounds are the bases of all the other sounds that you can utter. If you utter these three sounds together, what do you get? Is not “oh”. “Om”. Thee are the three basic sounds, which are the very bases of all the other sounds that you can utter. “Om” is known as the universal sound or the basic sound in the creation.

If this is true, how come only a certain religion seems to be using it as a brand for themselves and nowhere else it is known? That is not true. Wherever there is a realized being, there, sound “Om” will be there. For example, Christianity, born in Jerusalem, where the language of that time was Aramaic. Aramaic language has a certain inflection where sound mm-mm is dominant. In Christianity, whatever they close with today, whatever they say, they close it with “Amen”. If you look at it the way it is said at the Vatican, it’s always that: “Aaaaaamen”. You take of the “n” and say “Amen”: “Om”. Oh!

If you want to understand this, you can see a similar inflection in Tamil Nadu. See, now, for example Rama. You know Rama? Born in Ayodhya. He came down south. When he came south, when Rama entered Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, people called him “Rama”, then he crossed the terminal border, people called him “Raman”. If Krishna comes to Tamil Nadu what will you do? “Krishnan”, if Arjuna comes to Tamil Nadu, what do you do? Arjunan! If it comes to Tamil Nadu, what do you do? Whoever enters Tamil Nadu border, they get “anified”.

This inflection of “an” in Tamil, is much stronger than Aramaic. “Aaamen”. You take out the “n”, it’s just “Om”. Today, this “Amen” has gone to United States of America and become “Amen”. This is cultural and language distortions, which happen. Islam, born also in the same region, under the same cultural and language influences, they’re saying “Ameen”. Take away “n” and say “Ameen”. “Om”. Oh! The same sound, because wherever a human being becomes silent, by his own nature, not school teacher silence, not plugging your ear silence, if you become silent by your nature, sound “Om” will reverberate in the system, because the root sound for your physical existence is sound “Om”. When “Om” reverberates, it starts from just beneath the navel and ends at the tip of your nose. This reverberation will just happen by itself. Wherever a human being truly sat quietly, act of quietness within himself, he always became aware of the sound “Om”. When he transmitted it, it got distorted over a period of time according to language and cultural influences.

Even in India, “Om” has become “Ohm”. It is not “Ohm”. You open your mouth and say “a”, gently close your mouth, it becomes “oh”, you close it, it becomes “m”. “Om” Sound hum “om” has “innumerable” benefits. Even today, if anybody come here with any kind of psychological disturbances, the first prescription is always “Om”. You do this for a few weeks, you settle down and then we go into other aspects. I can show you hundreds of people for whom, medically, it was believed that they have to be on psychiatric medication for the rest of their lives, have completely walked out of the need for medication simply by uttering “Om”.

If you are suffering from excessive fear, distorted dreams, bad dreams, nightmares, unstable mind, unstable body. If your general constitution is weak, you tend to fall sick too often, particularly children, if they have attention disorders, daily utterance of “Om” for a few minutes a day will make a enormous difference for you. If you have problems that you’re unable to do anything with a certain result in your life, daily utterance of “Om” will be truly transformational for you. Within a couple of weeks, you can notice a phenomenal difference in the way you function, because this is the basic sound in your physical existence.

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