It has been said that women prefer solace when confronted with a problem and men want a solution as soon as possible. Do you see yourself tending to be on one side or the other? Do you prefer to gather sympathy as you talk about your problem with family and friends, finding that it helps to alleviate the problem? Or would you rather set up a plan and work towards it, despite the pain along the way to solving your problem?

Remember when you were a toddler and your parents told you it was all going to be okay when you were crying? It might have ended that episode. But, later in life, you woke up to the limitation of parental protection. Maybe, in your periods of dissatisfaction and despair, you turned to books, religion, doctors, and other sources to ease your pain. But how blissful are you daily?

For seekers who are truly interested in knowing the essential nature of life, Sadhguru says, they need to decide if they are looking for solace or for a solution.

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