The first of January is traditionally for thinking about what your New Year’s resolutions will be. So maybe on the second of January you have accomplished resolution number one. Which was? To get out of bed when the alarm rings and not press the Snooze button. Day 2 passes, then  3, 4, and even 5. No, the snooze button is not broken; you just have not pressed it and you are feeling quite confident that you are on your way to having mastered that resolution number 1!

Oh my, day 10 comes around, and that alarm! Why is it buzzing? And so loud, too? Then before you know you’ve done so, you quickly press the Snooze button. A minor step-back, that’s all. What about resolution numbers 2 and 3? Well, maybe your life events have not enabled you sufficient time or energy to attempt those yet. And actually, about that resolution number 2, why did you even write that one down? What were you thinking?

Do any of these scenarios seem at all familiar? You promise yourself one thing and do another later on. Many of us have followed this path of yes, definitely, but just not now.

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