A child gardening with his mother notices a worm squiggling through the soil. His face lights up as he shows his mom. Between the planting, the soil discoveries, and the slight breeze enveloping him and his mother, they both become full of joy and wonder. Can you remember those moments when nature called you back to your earthy roots? Nothing else mattered, as happiness and a feeling of inclusion became your total experience.

A stranger sees an old man carrying a heavy load. The elder trips and packages scatter. Without thinking, the stranger rushes to help this man in need. Both experience a brief feeling of unity, joy, and aliveness. It was the right thing to do in that moment. So how can we also do the right things and flow with the process of life? How to taste life in its full depth?

Sadhguru explains that we must first go beyond the process of discrimination, which is needed only for survival. The psychological process, he says, entraps us in our own petty creations.

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  1. Sandya Samarth Reply
    It’s always amazing to read and listen Sadhguru’s words of immense wisdom. I happen to read and watch a video by Dr. Peter Fenwick who is renowned neuropsychologist and neuropsychiatrist speaking about consciousness and how his research makes him believe it’s outside of the brain or mind. Having heard Sadhguru speak profoundly about these, I am wishing if these two legends can meet and have a conversation that will give us more avenues to understand this better!

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