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We are extremely grateful to all the healthcare providers who have been making remarkable sacrifices to keep us all safe during this challenging time. Your selfless service is a beacon in our world. No words can adequately express our gratitude for your skill and courage and no praise is too high for your exemplary performance of duty.

In gratitude and appreciation, Sadhguru is offering Inner Engineering Online (IEO) free of cost to help support your own well-being. Sadhguru has designed Inner Engineering Online as a technology to improve physical health, enhance mental stability, and promote spiritual well-being. Derived from the science of Yoga, the program can establish and strengthen the inner foundation necessary to support your professional efforts and provide balance in your personal life during these challenging times.


Raj Maturi, MD, Ophthalmologist
Midwest Eye Institute

Ann Collins, MD, Family Physician
Nourish Wellness Family Medicine, LLC

“After my Inner Engineering program 6 years ago, I feel the internal calmness in me that helps me focus on what I need to do in urgent situations, in the high- stress, demanding environment I work in. At the end of the day, I still have the energy to carry on till late evening/night.”

Bala Subramaniam, MD, Anesthesiologist,
Harvard Medical School

“Inner Engineering has made a significant difference in my life. The tools I learned in the program have helped me to remain calm during stressful situations, I’m much clearer when it comes to decision making and I feel more connected and in tune with my patients. Although my productivity has gone up, things happen with much more ease and less friction.”

Victoria Flores-Carlson, CRNA,
TeamHealth Anesthesia

“I had a patient who had been in the Gulf war and had a severe sporadic disorder. With my recommendation he attended the Inner Engineering program in LA. At the end of the program he ran to me with a huge smile. “I cannot believe what just happened to me in these last two days”, he said. When you see that kind of transformation in patients it is so joyful - not just for the patient - but for us the providers. There is no pill that can give that joy.”

Pamela McDonald, FNP, Integrative Medicine Fellow
Penscott Corporation

Simha Kriya

As a support in these challenging times, Sadhguru has offered a simple practice to help boost one's immunity and strengthen one's respiratory system.

Free Yoga and Meditation Online

(Simple 5 to 15-minute practices)

If you have limited time and are unable to do the Inner Engineering Online program, you can begin a daily meditation, add a yoga practice to your routine, or consult some valuable health tips to strengthen your system.

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