Grace of Yoga Participant Instructions

Detailed instructions and guidelines needed for In the Grace of Yoga program. Carefully review the info and corresponding instructions for each step in the listed order.

1. Check-in for the program

Check-in is now open and has to be completed before March 5th. This will help you get acquainted with the platform and allow us to resolve any technical issues.

The Check-in process includes Preparatory Sadhana orientation video and a Program orientation video.

Please follow the following steps to complete check-in:

  • Log in using your registered email ID - same ID which was used for program registration.
  • Choose your preferred language and time zone (to watch the delayed streaming) when prompted. You will not be able to change this selection later.
  • The LIVE streaming timings displayed on the website will be according to the local time as per your device’s setting.
  • Watch/Review the Preparatory Sadhana Video
  • Watch the Pancha Bhuta Orientation video.

2. Review the Sadhana Guidelines

Below is a summary of the Sadhana guidelines mentioned in the Preparatory Sadhana Video.

  • Chant Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya for 20 minutes, preferably during the sandhya kalas. If 20 minutes is not possible at once, chant for 12 cycles at once and two times a day.
  • Be in touch with the Elements:
    • Earth - Garden or walk barefoot on the soil for around 30 minutes a day, if possible. If walking barefoot outdoors is not possible, can walk barefoot indoors.
    • Water - Store and drink water from a copper container. Copper is preferred, but alternatively can use any metal/ceramic vessel.
    • Wind - Expose to wind for 10 - 15 minutes a day.
    • Fire - Light an oil lamp and bow down to it. Alternatively, if oil lamp is not available, vegan candles can be used.
    • Space - Bow down to the sky three times a day - after sunrise, after the sun crosses 30 degrees, and after sunset.

Along with the sadhana guidelines listed above, Sadhguru has provided additional recommendations to prepare for the program.

3. Prepare for the Sessions

  • Check your Pancha Bhuta Kriya Kit
  • The Pancha Bhuta Kriya Kit is a set of consecrated items needed for the Pancha Bhuta Kriya process.

    • Kit Details

      This kit contains the below listed items required to participate in the program. Please handle these specially consecrated items with care, storing them in a clean and safe place. Do not use any of these items yet. Instructions on how to use them will be provided in the orientation video during check-in. The kit should contain the following items:

      1. Abhaya Sutra: Abhaya literally means “without fear,” sutra literally means “thread.” The Pancha Bhuta Kriya includes an initiation with an Abhaya Sutra, a thread specially consecrated to remove doubt and fear. If these two limiting forces can be dispelled from the mind, one can live life to their full potential.

      2. Vastram: This black shawl is a consecrated cloth, worn over the body to make you more receptive to the process.

      3. Bhoomi: Two grain-sized Bhoomi (processed earth) that have gone through a special preparation.

      4. Vibhuti: Vibhuti is consecrated ash which has been kept in the energized space of Dhyanalinga for a certain period of time.

      5. An Image of Dhyanalinga: This image represents Dhyanalinga – a powerful and unique energy form consecrated by Sadhguru for the ultimate wellbeing of an individual. The image is a significant aspect of the Pancha Bhuta Kriya and helps in making the presence of Dhyanalinga more accessible to you.

  • Kit Alternatives

    In case you have not received the Pancha Bhuta Kriya Kit due to COVID-19 or customs regulations related logistical difficulties, the following alternatives can be used, as guided by Sadhguru.

    Abhaya SutraYou can use any white cotton thread and dip it in turmeric paste before using it.
    VastramIf you do not have Vastram, you can skip this step.
    BhoomiIf you do not have bhoomi, you can use the same quantity of soil from a place with minimal footfall (like a garden). Do not consume this, just visualize it.
    VibhutiIf you do not have Vibhuti, you can skip this step.
    Dhyanalinga ImageYou can use any image of Dhyanalinga (Can be digital or printed)

  • Additional Materials needed for the sessions.

    Sadhguru has advised that participants organize a few items that will be needed for the sessions. These are in addition to the Pancha Bhuta Kriya Kit.

    Please have the following items ready:

    • Oil Lamp
      • Cotton wick (you can buy it or make it by rolling a piece of cotton)
      • Oil (ghee or sesame oil are preferred, otherwise any plant-based oils can be used)

      If it is not possible to obtain an oil lamp, you can use any vegan candles (without animal-derived ingredients).

    • Copper Vessel - Two medium-sized open bowls of copper. (Alternative: Any metal or ceramic material. Avoid plastic.)
    • Earth [Required for 3 day program only] - At least 6 - 8 handfuls of soil. Can be taken from a place where people are not walking around much, like from your garden. (Alternative: potting soil from a plant nursery or purchased online.)
    • 1 litre of water (0.25 gallons)
    • (Optional) Fresh Tulsi or holy basil (3 - 5 leaves) - for session on March 10th

    If you do not have these items readily available where you live, please ensure you purchase them or order them online in advance. You can purchase the oil lamp and copper vessel from Isha Life (if available in your region).

4. Attend the Orientation Webinar

To help you to better prepare for the sessions and answer any questions you may have, an Orientation webinar is being made available at the following times.

  • Sat Mar 6th, 9:30-10:30 AM EST
  • (Delayed Stream) Sun Mar 7th, 1-2 AM EST

Note: Timings are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Convert timings to your local timezone

5. Join the Sessions

  • Guidelines for Attending the Session

    Review the following guidelines to arrange a conducive atmosphere for attending the sessions.

    • Clothing: It is recommended to wear loose-fitting white clothes, preferably made of cotton or other natural fibres. Also, keep 2 old towels handy.
    • Ensure you are in a private space where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session.
    • It is ideal that you sit on the floor; however, for the purpose of this program, avoid sitting directly on your carpet or any upholstered surfaces of your home. You can sit on a yoga mat or an old rug.
    • Ambiance: Keep an oil lamp lit next to you. Alternatively can use candles without animal derived ingredients.
    • Attendance: After each session, guidelines on the preparatory aspects for the next session will be informed, so it is recommended that you attend all sessions in sequence to make the most of this program.
    • You will need to be on an empty stomach for all the sessions. This means, there must a gap of
      • 4 hours after a full meal
      • 2.5 hours after a snack
      • 1.5 hours after a beverage like coffee or juice

      If you are not able to maintain an empty stomach condition owing to medical reasons, you can prepare a concoction as listed below and consume before the session:

      • Boil water with 5 peppercorns.
      • Wait for the water to become lukewarm.
      • Add a teaspoon of honey to it and consume it.

  • Session Schedule

    The program sessions are offered LIVE from the Isha Yoga Center in India. You can also watch a delayed stream of the sessions at the time listed in the table below.

    Note: All session timings are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    Convert timings to your local timezone

    3-Day Program

    SessionLive(EST)Delayed Stream (EST)
    Session 1Mon Mar 8, 8-9 PMTue Mar 9, 6-7 PM
    Session 2
    (with Sadhguru)
    Mon Mar 8, 10 PM-12 AMTue Mar 9, 8-10 PM
    Session 3Tue Mar 9, 10-11 AMWed Mar 10, 9-10 AM
    Session 4Tue Mar 9, 8-9 PMWed Mar 10, 6-7 PM
    Session 5
    (with Sadhguru)
    Tue Mar 9, 10 PM-12 AMWed Mar 10, 8-10 PM
    Session 6Wed Mar 10, 10-11 AMThu Mar 11, 9-10 AM
    Session 7Wed Mar 10, 8-9 PMThu Mar 11, 6-7 PM
    Session 8
    (Pancha Bhuta Kriya with Sadhguru)
    Wed Mar 10, 10-11 PMThu Mar 11, 8-9 PM

    1-Day Program

    SessionLive(EST)Delayed Stream (EST)
    Session 1Wed Mar 10, 8 - 9 PMThu Mar 11, 6 - 7 PM
    Session 2
    (Pancha Bhuta Kriya with Sadhguru)
    Wed Mar 10, 10- 11 PMThu Mar 11, 8 - 9 PM
  • Join the Sessions

    Please review the guidelines above before joining the sessions.

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