Inner Engineering Programs with Sadhguru in Atlanta & San Mateo have been postponed

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Inner Engineering Total - Conducted by trained Instructor

Inner Engineering Total - Conducted by trained Instructor

Course details

Inner Engineering Online is a 7-session online program, which you can take anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Each session is around 90-minutes high-definition video with Sadhguru. Upon completion of the online program, you can opt to attend the Inner Engineering Completion program in person and learn Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya. More details on Shambhavi and Inner Engineering Completion are available on the website.

Inner Engineering Total is offered as an in-person 4-day or 7-day program facilitated by a trained Isha instructor. It includes all aspects of Inner Engineering Online as well as the live transmission of Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya. The programs are offered in over 30 cities across the US and Canada over 2 consecutive evenings and a weekend, or as a retreat at Isha Institute of Inner-sciences.

The 4-day programs take place on Thursday and Friday evenings for 3 hours, and all day Saturday and Sunday. Vegetarian meals are provided.

This program is designed by Sadhguru to be a complete process by itself. In order to experience its transformational possibilities in your life your full participation for 4 days is required.

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