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”As there is a physical science and technology to create external wellbeing, there is a whole dimension of science and technology to create inner wellbeing.”
- Sadhguru

Inner Engineering Online

In this time of acute crisis, working from home, balancing family and work, fear of layoffs and business impact, and anxiety of contracting the virus is leading to stress, depression, declining health and productivity. It is now vital to maintain your inner peace, inner balance, boost immunity and overall well being.

Sadhguru has designed Inner Engineering Online as a technology to enhance physical health, emotional balance and mental stability. Derived from the science of Yoga, the program can establish and strengthen the inner foundation necessary to support your professional efforts and provide balance in your personal life during these challenging times.

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Maintain high energy & alertness throughout the day

Enhance mental clarity, emotional balance & productivity

Eliminate stress, fear & anxiety

Achieve joy, tranquility & fulfilment

Research Findings

Inner Engineering Online Harvard Medical School Research

Inner Engineering Online resulted in over 50% reduction in stress

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Corporate Program Research Partner:

Rutgers University Research

Inner Engineering Online results in significant increase in energy, joy, mindfulness, and work engagement

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Corporate Program Research Partner:

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“With the Inner Engineering program I immediately noticed that instead of being distracted and compulsively checking email or social media, I could more easily control my focus and curb impulsive distractions. I experienced a greater mental clarity; my communication has improved, I could more clearly express myself and have more patience and curiosity when understanding other viewpoints. Overall things are now happening with greater ease, less struggle and more joy in life.”

- David Tunnah, Business Consultant

Yoga & Meditation Webinars

Isha Foundation also offers customizable 30-75 minute live webinars to equip participants with simple yoga and meditation practices that can reduce stress and anxiety and enhance emotional balance and wellbeing. No prior experience of yoga or meditation is necessary.

Yoga and Meditation for Health
Yoga and Meditation for Success
Yoga and Meditation for Peace

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