Southern notes: Cease finding his center - August 9, 2018

Birmingham Barons right-hander Dylan Cease has yet to explore what yoga might do for his body, but the Chicago White Sox pitching prospect has already fully embraced the mental aspect of the ancient discipline.

It all started when Cease, who has a 23-inning scoreless streak for the Barons, watched a YouTube video featuring a popular yogi named Sadhguru early last year.

"I saw the video and I started reading his books," said Cease, ranked No. 44 among's top 100 prospects. "I just liked what he said. He clicked with me.

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Inner Engineering With The Yogi Sadhguru

Flaunt - August 8, 2018

Light pours in. Birdsong. Anticipation. What is a realized being like? I wonder. Artificiality of spirit and existence is flooding the American consciousness – I can’t speak beyond that; some are breathing through straws, some are battling, some believe, some die, snap, sleep for days on end, get stoned, some awaken. But, to be on the top of the pyramid of thought or knowledge or leadership, what might that look like?

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Attain Golf Enlightenment: Meet The Real Guru Of Golf

Golf Digest - Sep 26, 2017

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's YouTube videos, which mostly take the form of five-minute answers to deep questions, have eclipsed 100 million views. His is a globetrotting schedule—conducting large-scale meditation workshops, building schools, battling deforestation, lecturing for assemblies like the United Nations and World Economic Forum—but the self-described "yogi, mystic and visionary" got in 29 rounds last year.

"When the entire population of the world attains enlightenment, I'll retire and play golf every day," he says, and it's oddly hypnotic the way his white beard bounces as he laughs. He has to tie it so it doesn't interfere with his swing. He almost always brings his clubs on the road, eschews carts, and prefers parkland courses to links.

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Mr. Dinesh Bhatia, Consular General of India speaks about Sadhguru's visit to Toronto

Sep 19, 2017
Mr. Dinesh Bhatia, Consular General of India speaks about Sadhguru's visit to Toronto at a press meet on Sep. 19, 2017, Etobicoke, Toronto. Read More

Sadhguru opens Vancouver physician Gabor Maté's inner eye to benefits of his yoga program

The Georgia Straight - May 17, 2017
Vancouver physician and author Gabor Maté isn’t the type of person who likes following instructions. And for many years, he militantly maintained that he wasn’t the type of person who would do yoga.

But out of curiosity and on the recommendation of friends, he and his wife, Rae, attended a presentation last year at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Read More

Inner Engineering Workshop - Cultivating Human Potential

CKNW - May 7, 2017
Vancouver resident and electrical engineer Prasad Sristi can articulate how he has been able to utilize the skills he learned in a meditation/yoga seminar in his day-to-day life. Read More

What is Inner Engineering and What to Expect at the Session with Sadhguru in May

Darpan Magazine - May 04, 2017
We interview Ganesh Narayanaswamy, volunteer with the Isha Foundation, to learn more about the Shambhavi Mahamudra session going to be held with Sadhguru in Vancouver on May 27 & 28. Read More

On a Par 5 in Dubai, Good Humor and a Respite From All Things Trump

The New York Times - April 26, 2017
I was invited to play at the Emirates Club with a U.A.E. education expert and the famed Indian mystic, poet and yogi Jaggi Vasudev, who goes by his reverential name, Sadhguru. When I got to the first tee, I realized this was not going to be a normal round. Sadhguru is the founder of Isha, an Indian-based humanitarian and environmental movement with millions of followers Read More

Inner Engineering Program - Isha Foundation

Tampa Bay's Morning Blend - April 18, 2017
Sadhguru is a prominent worldwide spiritual leader in yoga and meditation, and he’s bringing his Inner Engineering program to Tampa April 29-30 in a very rare special appearance. Inner Engineering involves a daily 21-minute yoga and meditation practice to help align the mind, emotions and energy for overall well-being. Read More

Interview: We asked bestselling yogi Sadhguru how to be happier

Tampa Bay Times - April 13, 2017
Jaggi Vasudev, 59, is the motorcycle-riding, golf-playing Indian mystic and yogi known to the practitioners of Isha Yoga around the globe as Sadhguru. As the author of more than 30 books, including last year's New York Times bestseller Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy, Sadhguru promotes "yoga taught in its full depth." Read More

Find your balance: Yoga offers physical, mental and emotional health

AARP - April 12, 2017
One of the foremost experts on yoga and meditation, Sadhguru, is holding an “Inner Engineering” seminar in Tampa on the weekend of April 29-30. The guru has spoken at the United Nations’ World Peace Summit and is celebrated worldwide as a master on the interconnected components of body, mind and emotional health. Read More

Inner Engineering

News Channel 8 - April 12, 2017
Do you want more peace and happiness in your life? A 21-minute practice taught by Sadhguru, a worldwide leader in yoga and meditation, can bring inner peace and well-being. Sadhguru will visit Tampa for a special appearance for his Inner Engineering program April 29-30. Read More

Sadhguru, Best-Selling Author and Yogi, Will Teach Program in Tampa

Alive Tampa Bay - April 11, 2017
During Inner Engineering, Sadhguru will bring his wisdom and insights and teach his 21-minute practice, which can be done by anyone and is not only designed for seasoned yoga practitioners. Read More

Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering on Radioactivity Thursday

88.5 WMNF - April 10, 2017
In a few days, internationally known yogi Sadhguru, who has reached over 100 million people worldwide through his yoga and meditation practices, will teach his ‘Inner Engineering’ program in Tampa April 29-30 at the Tampa Convention Center. It’s one of only two North American stops he will make this year. Read More